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Welcome to the most realistic Mafia Game app for Android and iPhone/iPad. Video chat with friends as if you’re in the same room, figuring out who is Mafia and who is just a peaceful Citizen. This is the best way to play the Mafia video game online with video chat.

Mafia is a psychological game played in a group, similar to Warewolf or Assassin. It takes strategic role playing to a whole new level. With the Mafia app, it’s easy to learn how to play the game. Each person in your group is randomly — and secretly — assigned a role, such as Mafia, Police, Doctor, Spy, Lady, and more. The peaceful Citizens try to figure out who is an assassin and eliminate them. The Mafia tries to eliminate Citizens. With each turn, tensions rise. Everybody claims to not be Mafia. But some of you are lying…

Mafia is the most fun party game and a great way to build teamwork, improve communication, and just have fun with friends. In the app, it’s easy to understand Mafia game rules and how to play it. The Mafia Game app is the most realistic adaptation of the in-person Mafia experience for your phone, with:

Play the game loved by millions and test how much you know your friends. Download the Mafia Game app now.

36,210 games has been played since the first app launch on Aug, 15, 2020.

Download the Game

You can download the mafia video game for iPhone or Android. You can play the game between iPhone and Android users. Mafia game play is essentially the same on the two platforms. So go ahead: download it and play with all your friends or strangers any time.
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Play Mafia - easy!

To play Mafia video game, you need a group of 4 people or more. You can play with your buddies or find new friends in the game. Every day plenty of games are played in the app. Join any room or create your own. You can also find more friends by joining our groups on Facebook or VK.

Карта Мафии

Step 1. Get your card

You may get a Citizen, Doctor or Mafia card. There may be other cards too.

Step 2. Discussion

Someone in the group is lying. Try to find the Mafia within 2 minutes.
30 секунд

Step 3. Personal Time

Nominate the most suspicious player and convince the city to follow you.

Step 4. Voting

Vote against one of the nominated players. The person with the most votes is eliminated from the game.

Step 5. Nighttime

Active roles such as Mafia or Doctor perform their actions. After the nighttime, the next general discussion starts. Who will win? Mafia or the city, it all depends on you and the choices you make. Good luck!